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Put a Positive Spin on Everything

A potential employer wants to hire people with a positive attitude. You should project this image in your demeanor, facial expressions, and most importantly in the content of your answers. You may be the strongest candidate that the interviewer has seen but you still will not get the job if you are negative and insult former bosses or co-workers. The best way to do this is to put a positive spin on all of your answers. Many interviews will include a question along one of these lines: […]

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Be Specific When Answering Questions

Sometimes – or more like every time – you go for an interview, your nerves make it hard to concentrate and answer questions to the best of your ability. The important thing to remember is to really listen to the questions being asked. If the interviewer tells you they want a specific example, don’t answer with a general how you would do something – it is a surefire way to ruin your chances for the job. These types of questions are known as situational questions. If an […]

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